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The last few weeks =

so. many. shoots.

soooo many, plus another one tomorrow.

It’s been hectic, but really good too. We’ve had some great women to work with, a few fun ideas for new sets and props, and plenty of good laughs. Unfortunately, lots of shooting means lots of editing. You can currently find me buried under a mountain of retouching work, so please don’t invite me out anywhere fun. I cannot go, I am in retouching exile until further notice. Send snacks.

 Anyway, I thought I’d share some behind the scenes snapshots from the last two weeks. These are straight from the camera so please don’t judge.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0016

Springtime flowers for the win. Clearance roses are my new favourite photo prop.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0017

I made this flower crown in about 15 min out of a wire coat hanger and some fishing line. It was brilliant, everyone wanted to wear it, and it photographed like a DREAM. Here’s a few shots of Gemma and I “working” with Chrissy.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0025

We also DIYed a wedding dress out of some fabric and ribbon. It’s obviously no good for full length, but with a little extra pinning it worked great for bridal hair and makeup shots. We shot some great bridal themed lingerie with Chrissy too, can’t wait to show you those.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0018

This idea needs a lot more work, but doesn’t Chrissy’s makeup look stunning?

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0019

A super hot sneak peek for Sarah;) Her shoot is turning out great, and I think she’ll probably be okay with sharing some of it publicly, so you might even get a look if you stay tuned!

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0020

This is lovely Anna, who came to shoot portraiture with me for a few days. Anna and I met on set at the TeamGlam photo shoot a few weeks ago. When we realised how much we had a lot in common and that we shared a lot of the same goals for our portfolios, we set up a few days of shared shooting. It’s always more fun to learn with a friend.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0021

Curvy girls in the house! Gorgeous Katie, Jazmine, and Amy bravely came down to be our guinea pigs.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0022

I have also fallen in love with using the hair dryer for creating faux breeze. It’s amazing, I can’t believe I haven’t been using it this whole time.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0023

Makeup artist Hayley manning the wind machine for Eleanor’s set.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0024

Another flower crown, and a comfy & cozy set from Katie’s shoot.

I’m also hoping to be able to release two new lingerie shoots soon – both are slated for publication in magazines so I have to keep them quiet for the time being. I’m told the images will be published “soon.” Your guess is as good as mine on what that sort of timeframe actually means lol! It’s always an honour to see work in print though, so Debbie, Sadaf, Olivia, Katie and I are happily practicing the virtue of patience.

One last thing, we have a really cool location arranged for tomorrow’s shoot. Follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes sneaks: @stormy_rebelandromance