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Hippie. Boho. Gypsy.

Whatever you want to call it, we had a lot of jewellery, tassels, and sun flare going on for this shoot.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0002

Putting a bed outside is an idea I’ve been blabbering on about for so long that I’m even sick of hearing myself talk about it. I’m so pleased we finally made it happen though. Isn’t this light incredible?

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0001

Like lots of things this past trip to America, our shoot location had to be changed at the very last minute. Luckily, we were able to make this little group of trees in the back yard of Miss S’s childhood home work. When in doubt, light over location.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0013

Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Great advice, but the trick to pulling off this sort of look is to do the opposite. Just keep piling it on. When you think you have enough, add some more. Then look in the mirror, and add one more thing. For more irreverent styling advice, visit Shante’s fashion blog, The Confashional.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0008

Isn’t this floral shawl great? Miss S found it at TJ Maxx (TK Maxx for those of us in the UK).

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0004

We pulled this entire set together in about an hour – everything was scrounged together from stuff we found in the garage and around the house. A big thank you to Tia at The Eclectic Chair for her fantastic work on Shante’s makeup and ridiculously good hair extensions.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0011

Happy happy. Love those feather earrings.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0005

Hazy hot summer sun.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0015

A slightly more moody feel to these.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0007

Oh, did I mention we found some more animals to annoy? Neighbourhood horses came to play!

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0017

Once again, I was reminded how challenging it is working with animals. Horses are by far worse than snakes, but we still got a few fun shots out of it. Miss S is working it like a pro here.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0021

A quick makeup and wardrobe change for our second look. Deep dark lips are one of Miss S’s signature looks, so it only seemed right that we add it in to the mix.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0018

Check out those custom boots!

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0025

And to finish this post, a few frames shot in the dying light of day. Shante, I’m so glad we did this. You absolutely killed it;)