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London Boudoir Photography: Miss M’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

As you know, last week’s Dream Shoot was fantastic. I’m powering through editing and retouching all the gorgeous girls I photographed that day, but I’m not quite ready to show you the results yet. In the meantime, I though I’d treat you to an oldie but goodie from the London Boudoir Photography session vault…

This is Miss M, who was impossible. I mean, every image turned out terrible. She’s really ugly, has horrible style, and don’t even get me started on how poorly behaved she is. I pretty much hated working with her and her stupid short legs (oh sarcasm, my old friend).

I kid. The truth is that I LOVE everything about Miss M, and her two best gal pals who came along for moral support too. Miss M is in a verrrrry long distance, long term relationship. In an effort to keep her man from having a meltdown in her absence, she dropped me a hesitant email asking about how this whole boudoir thing works. We exchanged a few emails, and soon realised we were a perfect client-photographer fit. We immediately started making plans, which included a sneaky little anniversary surprise album to send to her Mr. back home.

We had tons of fun, plenty of laughs, and lots of push-yourself-right-out-of-that-comfort-zone moments during Miss M’s London Boudoir Photography session. Miss M comes from a small rural town. A place where people look at you funny if you wear a skirt. A place where going to a nice restaurant is the equivalent of chicken at Nando’s. A place where I’d bet my last coin that boudoir photography is not the “done thing.” These sort of nerves are totally understandable, and familiar to me personally, but I’m happy to report that Miss M and her Mr. both thought it was totally worth it:) In fact, he was even given permission to open the album we created before their anniversary – such as lucky boy.

Without further delay, a few of my favourites from Miss M’s London Boudoir Photography Session:

OH hi, my name is Miss M and I have a PERFECT FACE. ugh.

I also have an AMAZING body. double ugh. Miss M, if you weren’t such a genuine, funny, adorably loveable person and scared stiff about doing this, I would have thrown you out in disgust.

This set outside was beautiful, I think the canopy makes these look really soft and feminine without being too girly and sickly. I love a happy coloured lingerie set on a London Boudoir Photography Session too.

Aww, happy face Miss M.

Shabam! I’m a sucker for images like this. Look at those eyes!

Miss M has such great hair, don’t you think? Oh to be blonde…

Oh yeah. This happened too. So edgy and cool, just like a good fashionista should be:)

My love affair with the sun and the shadows it creates will never end. Also, I am willing to trade my pinkie toes for legs like that. Just show me where to sign.

Shall we talk about this bodysuit too? It’s so interesting and detailed.

You can get one of your own at Fredericks of Hollywood.

How to be feminine and evocative without showing lots of skin: pencil skirt, push up bra, secretary sweater, heels. Lose a few buttons. Done.

I feel like this outfit really sums up all the things I love, and demonstrates what makes Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography and my amazing clients different. You know, we like fashion – real fashion. We don’t like ho-bags. We want to look impossibly beautiful, not like strippers, not like we’re trying too hard. We’ll take V Mag, not page 3, and we’ll do it with or without your approval, thankyouverymuch.

La la la London

Miss M, you were such a joy to photograph. Thanks for putting up with the ONE DAY of sweltering heat we got last year, and for giving Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography a go. I’m so thrilled to know you, and can’t wait to meet your main squeeze soon:)



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