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Boudoir Session Details

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The R&R Experience

A Rebel & Romance boudoir photography experience is a luxurious, thrilling, bespoke event. We’ll work together to plan an epic shoot that suits you, whether that’s sky high heels in something scandalous or barefoot in your husband’s T-shirt. 

As a guide, most R&R shoots include the following:

  • CONSULTATION & PLANNING. Let’s meet up for a coffee. If we’re miles apart (physically or just schedule-wise) we can hop on Skype or chat on the phone instead. This pre-shoot consultation is as much for you as it is for me – I want you to be confident that I’m not a creeper. Also, if you’re going to get half naked in front of someone, I think it’s a bit easier if that person doesn’t feel like a total stranger. We’ll talk about the look and feel of your session, and discuss a bunch of other things – wardrobe ideas, hair/makeup plans, any important dates, your questions and concerns, etc.
  • STYLING ADVICE. Lingerie shopping can be overwhelming if you’re new to it, so I’ll send you a detailed styling guide with suggestions on what to wear for your shoot. If there are particular things you struggle with (larger cup sizes, very petite frames, etc.) I’ll be able to make some suggestions during your pre-shoot consultation. I’ll also send you any discounts I’ve been given by my favourite lingerie shops and brands, and a shortlist of any sales I know are on at the moment. Additionally, you’ll gain access to my Boudoir Wardrobe, which is a beautiful collection of designer shoes and accessories available to borrow for your photo shoot.
  • PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP & HAIR STYLING. One of my select team of professional, highly skilled makeup artists will be on set to create the perfect camera-ready look for you. Hair styling is also included.
  • BOUDOIR STUDIO & SHOOT LOCATIONS We’ve got options. If you’re within reach of SE England (or just fancy a trip out of the city, it’s only an hour fifteen from St. Pancras) I’ve got a brand new seaside studio that will knock your socks off. There are lots of great venues in London that I know and love too. For clients in other European cities and further abroad, the world is our oyster. Most of the locations you see regularly on my blog are covered in your Session Fee, but if you’d really like to push the boat out I’d be happy to research options with you and hire something sensational. It’s really just a matter of imagination and budget – I’m told even Versailles is available for the right price;)
  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY & POSING DIRECTION. I want this to be the best photographic experience you’ve ever had. I’m really good at making women feel comfortable in front of my camera (even in various states of undress), and I’ve successfully photographed at least twenty women who have claimed to be the most unphotogenic person in the world, so there’s no need to worry. I’ll show exactly what to do. I’ll walk you through every pose, and often do the poses with you. I’ll distract you with random stories, and I’ll be your cheerleader every step of the way. No experience necessary, first-timers are especially welcome.
  • THREE HOUR PHOTO SESSION & MULTIPLE LOOKS. A Rebel & Romance Boudoir Session typically lasts about three hours. This is plenty of time to get everything we need and then some. Unlimited wardrobe looks and sets are allowed within the three hours, although I typically recommend 3-5 outifts for best results.
  • MAGAZINE QUALITY RETOUCHING. Professional, magazine-quality retouching on all your best images is included. I don’t believe in drastically altering your appearance or body type, but I do support small alternations that result in a polished, professional-looking final image. The truth is, most of what I do in Photoshop has nothing to do with changing body shapes – it’s more like a very advanced version of what you may do with Instagram filters. I’m in favour of correcting any lumps and bumps that appear due to wardrobe or posing, removing runs in stockings, and cleaning up things that are temporary or annoying such as bruises, acne, flyaway hairs, etc. Bottom line is this – everyone is at a different point in their self-acceptance journey, so if there’s something that drives you crazy (cellulite? forehead wrinkles? scars? strech marks?) just let me know and I can tone it down or make it dissapear. Alternatively,  if you would prefer I do nothing at all just say so. I’m happy when you’re happy.
  • IMAGE REVEAL & PRODUCT ADVISING. Two to three weeks after your shoot, we’ll meet up again. I prefer to have you back to the studio or meet you in a swanky bar somewhere, but regardless of location we’ll grab a drink, have a little catch up, and then review the final images from your shoot together. Almost without fail, clients are geniunely suprised by how good everything has turned out. Some feel silent shock and need a few minutes to adjust, some squeal, some cry, some are just really smug about how good their butt looks. After the initial presentation, we’ll step through the images one by one and start picking favourites. Following that, we’ll determine which products and packages will suit you best based on the images we’ve created, your goals for the shoot, and on your lifestyle. I offer a range of beautiful photographic albums, archival wall art, high resolution digital image packages, and more. I also have great options for gift giving.
  • A FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER WHO GETS YOU. Time and again, I’ve been told that there’s something different about my work. I think it boils down to this: I am a woman, photographing other women, for women. It there is a (lucky) man in your life who will get to see these images that’s fantastic, but I don’t shoot in order to please men. If I’m honest, I don’t really care about the boys at all, I just want my clients to feel absolutely incredible and be over the moon about the way they look and feel in front of my lens.
  • A PASSIONATE ARTIST & THE CHANCE TO SEE YOURSELF IN A NEW LIGHT. I’m on the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hour plan. I’ve taken this lecture by alan watts to heart. I do this because I love it, and I love what it does for my clients. At the heart of what I offer is the chance to see yourself in a new light, to consider the possibility that you could feel more beautiful, more confident, and emotionally stronger than you have in years. This opportunity is open to you no matter how you currently feel about yourself, and it is available to you regardless of age, body shape, fat percentage, or how much you feel like you’ve lost touch with the person you used to be. You do not need to feel more confident before you come see me. You come to me to get that confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re terrified and shaking and sweating the entire time – you wouldn’t be the first and you won’t be the last, so please come just as you are and we’ll take extra special care of you. If you’re struggling to justify spending the time and money on yourself, please know that you’re not being frivolous. This is an investment in your future, because a woman who loves and accepts herself is unstoppable. She radiates an energy that draws others in. She laughs louder, smiles easier, walks taller. She sits at the table, leans in, and gets the promotion she deserves, she has strong and healthy relationships, she raises daughters who don’t take shit. Let’s be that lady, whatever it takes.


Beautiful albums, wall art, and all other products are available for purchase separately at your viewing and ordering appointment. All products are available in an a la carte fashion. Most clients choose a package, but my most popular individual product is a beautiful, square format album. These feature the highest quality binding and printing techniques, and a custom layout. Albums come in a variety of options and sizes with prices starting from £925. Digital images are also available in packages or as part of a larger collection. Payment plans are no problem at all, please just say if this would be helpful.

If you’d like additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’d be happy to walk you through the process, send the full pricing menu, and answer all your questions. My name is Stormy, and you can reach me best via email at: stormy@rebelandromance.com