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Miss K says,
“I’d been wanting to do a boudoir photography shoot for ages, and finally took the plunge. I quickly noticed a lot of formulaic, darkly-lit studios where they put all their customers in the same, pre-arranged poses. Stormy is genuinely different because she offers a completely bespoke experience. When you see her photos, you can see straight away that people’s individual personalities really shine through. She has a background in fashion photography, and this comes through in her photography style – sexy and sensual, but without the cheesiness that you get at other places. Rather than throwing you in at the deep end with a photoshoot straight away, she meets you in person for an informal chat first, asks you what you’re looking for, and really listens but also offers suggestions that are tailored to you.One of my main requirements was that I wanted to be photographed without makeup, because I never wear it, and didn’t want to be transformed into someone else. All the darkly-lit studios refused, saying that I’d look washed out under their strong studio lights. A couple of others agreed to do it in theory, but I could tell they were a bit confused by my request. But Stormy really understood me and my style, and she’s a big fan of natural light, so it wasn’t a problem at all. A makeup artist is usually included as part of the package, but if you want to go without, just ask!I was really nervous before the photoshoot, but this wore off after about five minutes. It was so much fun! The process itself was such an enjoyable experience – you basically get to be a model for the day, with your own personal photographer, and I felt fabulous and sexy all afternoon. I was looking forward to seeing the photos, but the experience itself was one I’ll never forget.The photos are amazing! I feel like the most beautiful version of myself, which is exactly what I was looking for. I love my photo album and will keep it forever.

Best wishes,

Miss K”

wedding planner boudoir photography for brides in London

Below is an excerpt from Olivia’s wedding blog, Nulyweds, in which she describes her boudoir experience:

When someone says ‘boudoir photography’ or ‘lingerie shoot’ it often brings up a very distinct image in our minds. The kind of photoshoot a vain, barbie doll does in attire fit for a lady of the night, shot in a seedy, dark basement by a photographer with excessively oily hair. We think of it as an exercise for the kinky or overly confident.

‘I would never do something like that’ and for a long time I thought the same.

However there has been a steady increase in popularity for boudoir shoots empowering women with that Gok Wan touch of How to Look Good Naked. All of a sudden, women of all shapes and sizes were quietly giving it a go as a gift to their husbands. Reclaiming that sexiness and adding some spice. It’s particularly popular with brides so naturally, I gave it a go (not so quietly).

I was suitably shy at first. I researched the field thoroughly and chose a photographer that I felt would fit the aesthetic I wanted. Soft and pretty. At our consultation Stormy made an real effort to understand me, bring out my confidence and tailor the shoot to my style which made me feel at ease. On the day itself, I was treated to full hair and makeup of my choosing and I brought my favoured outfits for the day. A couple of deep breaths, some initial test shots and off we went.


Stormy was like a cheerleader coaching me through every pose. I was shocked by how in tune I felt with my body. I wasn’t just thinking about pushing my bum out, but also about how soft my hands were, elongating my shape, making myself giggle for the perfect smile. It was hard work but I had never felt so pretty, concentrating on only myself for those few hours.

A couple of weeks later the photos were ready. I met with Stormy again to go through them and could not believe what I saw.


A rush of pride and prettiness went straight to my head. There I was. My big nose, my flat chest, my ski-like feet – all together, all beautiful. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It has been a week since I received the photos and I still haven’t come down from that inner sense of confidence. Every woman deserves to feel this way which is why I’m putting this out there.

You may be tall. You may be small. You may be curvy. You may be skinny. Whatever your shape, colour, style or creed you deserve to feel beautiful inside and out. A boudoir shoot can show you a side of yourself you never thought you’d see. Someone who is confident, sexy and ready to take on the world. It can also allow you to be selfish, planning your outfits and pampering yourself with mani-pedis to prepare for the day. If you really want to boost your self confidence, this is a unique way to push your limits (and also makes a great cheeky present for the Mister or Mister-to-be)

The photographer of these beautiful shots is Stormy Sloane from Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography. Stormy is an expert at making you feel comfortable and bringing out your playfulness. You can completely tailor your experience from the location and makeup to the feel of the shoot. Check her out on the links below and tell her Olivia sent you!



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Ta ta for now,

Olivia x

Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0037

Tia says,”In my adult life, being in front of the camera has always been uncomfortable for me. As a makeup artist and stylist, I prepare clients to be photographed, not the other way around. Stormy and I have worked together in the past and I knew her talent. Her images are fantastic and the women she has photographed are absolutely beautiful! What I didn’t know was how beautiful I would feel being photographed, and how it would carry over in my daily life. As I stared at my wardrobe, before the shoot, I felt sweaty and anxious. I was nervous as hell to pose in my UNDERWEAR and had no idea how to position my body in a flattering way. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, clothes, face…ahhhh! Stormy helped with my wardrobe making sure aesthetically, everything was in harmony and we began! I took my first pose and she has this way of authenticating your pose; waiting for you to settle into yourself a little. She makes very direct and clear adjustments- chin down, drop your leg, relax your hand, etc… I never felt awkward or uncomfortable!I left the set feeling incredible, beautiful and confident and she hadn’t even shown me a photo yet. I trusted by the experience that she had made me look incredible and real. That’s all I needed…or so I thought. When she sent the email invite to the gallery for the shoot, the cover photo was stunning. At first glance, I didn’t know it was me. Viewing the gallery confirmed that I had never felt or looked more beautiful than I did that day. I am sure I stand a little taller and shine a little brighter these days. Having an incredible photo of yourself and seeing you as someone else sees you is an experience of a lifetime. Thank you so much Stormy, your talent and empowerment is so inspiring. I cherish our experiences together and I hope there are many more in the future!!”
View the rest of Tia’s boudoir photography session here.Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography Bride_0002The decision to undertake a boudoir shoot as a wedding present for my husband to be was a big one. Whilst I was totally confident he would love the present, I wasn’t so confident about taking my clothes off in front of a stranger, especially as I have issues around my pregnancy stretch marks.
I spent a long time researching boudoir photographers on the internet. At 44 it was important that my album was a relatively natural and classy affair and so many of the sites I came across showed photographs of over made up women, obviously airbrushed doll-like photographs or cheesy poses (I know, I know, pretend I didn’t do the police shots!). When I came across the Rebel & Romance website I was immediately struck by the beautiful photographs, which were exactly what I was looking for, but I also loved the personal tone to the website content.In person Stormy was exactly the same and I was really impressed that it was equally as important to her as it was to me, that we struck up a rapport before agreeing to go ahead with a shoot. With this in mind, turning up on the day wasn’t nearly as scary as I had expected – I was far more nervous that my fiancé would phone and ask where on earth I was!Venturing out of the bathroom in my first set of lingerie was a little bit odd, but by the second set I was totally at ease. Stormy chose poses to hide the areas I wasn’t comfortable in showing and throughout the shoot had me naturally laughing, which was a relief as beforehand I was a little worried I would look like a rabbit in headlights in all the photographs.I was really nervous meeting Stormy to see the photographs, but I couldn’t have been happier. In fact I did keep wondering if it was really me – surely I couldn’t look quite that good?! I was so excited! The worst part of the whole experience was keeping the secret until the day before my wedding. I had this amazing album hidden in my wardrobe and couldn’t tell a soul.But it was worth the wait. My fiancé couldn’t believe his luck and the wedding photos of us chatting during the ceremony are actually him telling me how amazing his present was!
Rebel & Romance Idaho Boudoir Photography_0011

Shante says,

“I met Stormy over five years ago, and she was the first camera I was in front of for any sort of ‘modelling’ session. Since then we’ve worked together at least 10 times. She has always been exceptional at her craft, but this was a whole new experience. Having been involved with Stormy since the start of her career I can tell you that she is meant to be doing this.

Over the last year I have gone through a pretty significant transformation, most noticeable is my 70 lb. weight loss. It’s been an adjustment to feel confident in my body, and as a Health Coach I am often overly critical of my figure. Stormy has a way of making you feel free and beautiful just with her presence. She makes it easy to be comfortable with her clear, articulate directions and has an impeccable ability to see all the tiny details like stray hairs or a piece of grass in the way to ensure the shot is flawless.

Looking at the photos from my session was a liberating experience. Yes, Stormy is an unbelievably talented photographer and she knows how to take a beautifully executed shot but that’s isn’t what separates her from others. It’s her ability to capture a women being authentically her. Being around Stormy is a trusting and loving experience where you are free to be as you are and she instinctively knows the exact moment to press the shutter to capture the real you.

Thank you Stormy for helping me to see myself and my body for what it really is. It has helped me on my journey in accepting and learning to love myself more than I can put into words. I have appreciated every opportunity in the past to work together but this time was life changing. You have reached a point in your talent that it almost scares me to know you are going to continue to get better.

If you have even a hint of intrigue to shoot with Stormy, listen to that voice. She doesn’t make you look beautiful, she captures your authentic beauty. You deserve to see yourself as the rest of the world does, beautifully YOU.”


Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography Studio_0006

“Hi Stormy,

We are now back home now and getting over our jet lag. I wanted to write to you as soon as we saw the pictures, but we got a bit busy. So here goes…WOW!!!! really Stormy, it was absolutely exquisite. You really have given us a wonderful experience and a memory we will physically treasure always. Thank you for that. Thank you for making it so comfortable and enriching in every way. I can never remember my mirror showing me that fantastic a body :)))) Lying on a cold floor has never been so rewarding…Please convey my thanks to your makeup artist Gemma too, she was absolutely wonderful with her work and her personality…and you both make a wonderful team. My husband and I genuinely thank you for all that you have created, and wish you and Gemma all the very best and success in all that you do.

Warm regards,
Mrs. P”

Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography_0013
Hi Stormy,
OMG!! The pics are amazing! My husband LOVES them too…. he thinks you are incredibly talented. We love the coloured cushion ones. We love all of them. I have been staring at them today – will have to put one of them on a canvas at some stage… when we’re not travelling the globe like homeless backpackers. If I had more time here, I would be back for more photos (after a serious shopping spree on ASOS) but you never know…. I am always optimistic and could be back for a visit next year but perhaps with a little one in tow.
Thanks again for such a brilliant experience and for making me feel and look fantastic. Your photos are priceless.
Erin xxx
P.S. love your work on the crooked foot shot – you would never know!
Rebel & Romance Curvy Boudoir London_0001I’ve honestly delayed writing this testimonial a bit because I couldn’t think of a way to best convey how amazing an experience it’s been working with Stormy. From my very first email to her, through to the build up of the shoot, the shoot itself and even on through to post-shoot picture selecting, she has been SUCH a pleasure!! She is the consummate professional while at the same time, completely accessible, friendly and simply great at easing any and all concerns. I did my shoot strictly for myself, mostly as an exercise in self-appreciation and self esteem boosting. I was super nervous, had never done anything like it before and could not have found a better person to work with. She even managed to pick THE perfect boutique hotel for me. Honestly, it was almost spooky how perfectly matched I felt to the room. Stormy provides a 5 out of 5 stars service!If you haven’t already done so, you need to look at ALL of her pictures. One of the things that attracted me to Stormy was seeing how she made a woman in body shaping undergarments and rollers (typically not considered sexy attire) look AMAZING!! That’s not to say the woman herself isn’t beautiful. Clearly, she is. But I suppose that’s the point. All of us carry our own sort of beauty and Stormy is simply brilliant at helping to bring out our most beautiful selves and captures it on film. Now several of my friends and family members are hoping to do their own shoots and I’m just trying to figure out an excuse to work with Stormy again myself…
Ms. K

My shoot with Stormy was nothing short of fantastic! I have done a few photo shoots in the past, but my shoot with Stormy is easily one of the best shoots that I’ve ever done. I was made to feel welcome from the moment I walked in, and I felt so comfortable working with her. She clearly has a strong understanding of how to bring out the best in every person she photographs.

When I received the finished photos I was completely blown away! Not only are the photos flattering and well edited, but I feel like I can see the true version of myself looking my absolute best in them, rather than someone else’s idea of how I need to be changed and edited to qualify as ‘beautiful’. The photos are phenomenal, and I absolutely love them. Everyone I’ve shown the photos to loves them too!

Thank you for such an amazing experience Stormy, I can’t recommend you highly enough!”


client testimonials

“I was incredibly pleased with my photoshoot with Stormy, and I loved the pictures that she took! 🙂 There were so many pictures that I liked that it was difficult to decide which to go in the app and in the album! The photos were beautifully shot, with a real variety of styles and background; some are more dramatic and sexy, whilst others are more playful and elegant.

Stormy was very professional throughout and did a really great job. I was really pleased with the location that Stormy chose for the shoot – the light in the space was great, and it allowed for different looks. Stormy also did a great job beforehand about advising on what looks might work best for me. On the day, Stormy was very friendly and it was a really fun experience! Debbie did a great job with my make-up too; I love my smokey eyes in the pictures!

I would really recommend working with Stormy. Not only do I love the pictures, but its nice to work with such a professional and friendly person. I hope to have another shoot in the future!”


Everyone wants a confidence boost now and then, or maybe you just want to remind someone in your life how lucky they are to have you. No matter your goal Stormy can help you accomplish it. I can’t remember a time I’ve felt more glamorous than I did shooting on the streets of London, high heels on and Stormy with camera in hand. She instantly puts you at ease, something I loved about her the first time we shot together three years ago. It’s not always easy to feel comfortable in your underwear, but Stormy makes you feel classy and beautiful and turns out killer photos on top of it all. I’m always ecstatic with the work she does and I’d shoot with her any chance I get.
Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography_0010
Hi Stormy,
Thank you so much! I’ve had some great feedback on the photos already, and my agents love them! I hope you have a great lead up to Christmas and look forward to working with you again sometime soon!
Annie xx
Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography_0005
The first time I shot with Rebel & Romance was fantastic. As a plus size model, I am used to working with all different types of photographers (some great, some not so great), but working with Stormy has to be one of my favourite photo shoots of all time.
Stormy is a phenomenal photographer. Right off the bat she makes you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, and she has an innate talent for bringing you out of your shell and empowering you along the journey. Not only was the shoot itself a wonderful experience, but the end result was just outstanding. The images she created of me were incredible and are still some of the best shots in my portfolio. Since then we have shot together again, and the experience was equally as magical as the first! I plan to book many more shoots with Stormy in the future. I hope your Rebel & Romance experience is as glorious as mine.
– Olivia
NYC Boudoir Photography_024
Hi Stormy,
I’ve got to say that THIS was the most delightful thing to wake up to! Thank you thank you thank you!
I loved our time together so much that even if I never saw any of the photos I would’ve been totally happy, but seeing these…. oh my goodness!!! I love the way you captured me through your lens. I’d shoot with you every single day if I could 🙂
NYC Plus Size Boudoir Photographer Rebel and Romance_0012
Hi Stormy,
You have done a phenomenal job with these images and I’ve never shot lingerie like this. I absolutely love them and thank you soo much for taking the time out to shoot with me and to edit these pictures to such a high quality. I love them. My agent loves them too.
Oh my goodness…you are an absolute ANGEL!!!!! In all honesty, I have never met a photographer that produces stunning work every time without fail! Thank you so much. I love them, you are amazing!
xxx Kat
Hi Stormy,
I wanted to sit down in the peace and quiet after the madness of Christmas, and just share with you just how much your photography has meant to M and I.  He was absolutely overwhelmed, and I know that his little album (which arrived safely) – will keep him buoyant over the next 4 months.

I am thrilled.  Truly.
Thank you (and Gemma) for creating what has undoubtedly been for me (and for M) a highlight of 2013.
-R xx

Hi Stormy,

Thank you for the images, the room certainly turned out ok!  It was such a fun shoot and as always your pictures are gorgeous.
Have a great weekend and speak soon.
Eugenie x
rebel&romance boudoir photography london Yvette_004
Hi Stormy,
You are the best!!! They are so beautiful!!!! You did an amazing job, thank you!!!!!!! I hope we’ll have another chance to work together:)
Plus Size Boudoir Photography London Rebel and Romance Montana_013

Hey Stormy! I’ve had SUCH a good reaction from all your pictures from the shoot. Also my agency LOVE them. Thanks again I love them!

Regards, Montana x

Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography Mrs. M_013


 MORE than happy with them!!

xxxx Kelly

Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography Mrs. M_002

Hello, I’ve just received my images. So happy with them – thank you!

S has picked out a few… excited to see the results. Have already passed your details onto a colleague at work who is thinking of treating her sister. Well, hope to hear from you soon about when we can get together for a social!
-M x
Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography London Miss K_020


Not only can you shoot properly but you photoshopped PERFECT…. christ woman…. we need to sit down and work together…. Thank you will never be enough – you did an amazing job…. Speechless.

– K

Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography_0014
Thank you for my shoot, it was amazing! I just got my pictures, and THEY LOOK AMAZING! I laaaavvvve them so much!
Thank you again for such a wonderful session <3 <3
 Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography_0015
Wow! What an amazing day, company and portfolio. Stormy and Debbie made my partner and I feel so at ease with the shoot and the style, the girls are very easy to talk to, and Stormy knows the best poses to go for to make you look amazing. The photo books we received of our shoot were beautifully made and the pictures were so elegant. We love them, and it was the best anniversary present for us both. Would most definitely have another shoot with Stormy, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Hi Stormy,
I just wanted to say thank you! You were so nice and sweet, and the pics are all so amazing and I love so much – thank you for your wonderful work Stormy!
Best, Chiyo
Stormy sweet how are you??..
Amazing pics Sweet, wow so good – I have so many faves!:D so powerful:)…I’m in awe of them…thank you so much:*:):):)..Really you’re an amazing photographer and I will definitely be shooting with you again. I’m in love with the smiling ones and the intimate ones, they are amazing. Your work is incredible and you are such a sweet, cool person to work with. Please let me know if you ever come to Ireland..also I want to send you on a little thank you, something nice from me and Chiyo so look out for it in the post:):*
Hi Stormy,
Just wanted to thanks you for everything you’ve done. My husband loved every single picture and couldn’t believe how beautiful and sexy I looked.
xx, A
 Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0004
I absolutely love these pictures!
Thank you so much. I would love to shoot with you again!
xxx Chloe
These pictures are great. They are exactly what I wanted, and it’s so good to have so many to chose from. I had such a great time working with you, and will be more than happy to recommend you to my friends. I will certainly book you again in the future – in the mean time I certainly feel very luck to have had a shoot with you!
Woooooooooow! You’re amazing! Just wanted to say a BIG thank you, I absolutely can’t wait for the rest!
Wow, these pictures are so amazing!! I love them so much, they really have given me a confidence boost and your
photography is amazing!! Thank you for the shoot 🙂 I really enjoyed myself.
Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography_0011
Aaah Exciting!!! :)) I’m in love with the photos and the close up of the dress and and and the last one! Oh they’re all beautiful! Thank you for the lovely day again! Cannot WAIT to see the others!!! 🙂 Thank you!
These are amazing! I love them 🙂 My mum thinks they are fab too!
I really enjoyed working with you! I really like my pictures, thank you!
Wow the pictures are gorgeous! Some of them don’t even look like me! Thank you so much for yesterday, I had a great time!
Thank you so much for shooting me yesterday. You were great to work with, and it was nice to feel relaxed at the beginning with a coffee and a girlie chat 🙂 Nice refreshing change to have a female photographer with good taste in music also! I love the pictures so far!! They’re so lovely, you’ve made me look great. Can’t wait to see the rest!
Thanks so much, these are lush!!
It was really really nice to work with you today. I love the pictures and I can’t wait to see more 🙂
Thank you!!! I LOVE them! Can’t wait to see some more!!
Thank you for the pictures, it was great to shoot with you! Looking forward to seeing the rest as well.
I LOVE you!!! Thank you!!
It was so much fun working with you the other day! I simply adore your work :)I love my pictures, and I’m so glad I got to shoot with you!
Wow, these are amazing!!! I’m loving the post production! Thank you so much!!! 🙂
Wow!!!!! You are amazing! Gorgeous pics! They look brilliant! Sooo pleased with them. It’s been great working with you. You are really professional and easy to work with. Made me feel at ease from the second we met. I’d love to keep in touch and work with you again. Even if you are bored and just want a chat, don’t hesitate to call!