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Your Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography Experience will be unique and tailored specifically to delight YOU. In line with this, many of the details of a session are arranged after our initial consultation, and products are generally purchased in an ‘a la carte fashion.




  • CONSULTATION & PLANNING. Following your booking, we’ll meet up for a coffee and a chat. This gives us a chance to get to know each other, and it gives me the opportunity to really understand how you would like to be photographed and portrayed. We’ll plan the overall look and feel of your session, discuss any deadlines in terms of products we’re creating for you, and bounce ideas and questions off one another. If we’re located quite far apart or struggle to co-ordinate schedules, we can have this conversation over the phone or Skype instead.
  • STYLING ADVICE. After we’ve had a chance to talk about your goals and concerns, you’ll receive a detailed styling guide with suggestions on what to wear for your shoot. Often during your consultation, I’ll be able to make suggestions for looks that would suit you particularly well, and the styling guide will help you shop for these. You’ll also receive any exclusive discounts I’ve been given by my favourite lingerie shops and brands, and a shortlist of any sales on at the moment. Additionally, you’ll gain access to my Boudoir Wardrobe, which is a beautiful collection of designer shoes and accessories available to borrow for your photo shoot.
  • PROFESSION MAKEUP & HAIR STYLING. One of my select team of professional, highly skilled makeup artists will be on set to create the perfect camera-ready look for you. Hair styling is also included. We can chat about what sort of hair and makeup look you would prefer at your pre-shoot consultation.


  • BOUDOIR STUDIO In order to provide you with the most amazing boudoir session possible, I’ve moved away from the traditional photography studio format. Instead, my bespoke boudoir studio has been created inside a beautiful Edwardian/Victorian Era property, which is filled with beautiful antiques and amazing light for an all over French/eclectic sort of feel. A year long, floor to ceiling renovation means every detail of the space lends itself to beautiful images and a romantic atmosphere. We are still completing a few bits here and there, but I’m thrilled to announce the studio is open for business as of Jan. 2015! I work with one client at a time, so it’s a safe, private, welcoming space – perfect for your first boudoir session. The studio is just 18 min. on the train from London Bridge, and easily accessible by car.


  • CUSTOM LOCATION SELECTION & HIRE, and DESTINATION SESSIONS If you have something particular in mind, have fallen in love with the look and feel of one of the sessions on my blog or website, or are dreaming of a destination shoot, custom locations are also available. My unique portfolio of exclusive, privately owned properties and homes, hidden boutique hotels, and a few unique studio and outdoor spaces offer us a range of options to create a totally unique and bespoke session that suits your style. In London, we can arrange everything from a gritty warehouse to a luxury penthouse and more. Further afield, the sky really is the limit. Literally anything from a European castle to a riad is Marrakech to a beach in Thailand is possible. All location rates are dependent on the particular property selected, dates, associated costs, etc. If we arrange to hold your session in a hotel and you are interested in staying the night, this can often be arranged (this is a great way to celebrate with a partner or girlfriends). For destination sessions, please get in touch for my upcoming travel plans and additional information.
  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY & POSING DIRECTION. A Rebel & Romance Boudoir Session is designed to be the best photographic experience you’ve ever had. I am expert at making women feel comfortable in front of my camera (even when half naked) and I’ve coaxed genuine expressions from even the most nervous, “I am the most unphotogenic person in the world” claiming clients, so there is no need to worry. You’ll be in good hands with us. I’ll show what poses and angles will flatter you the most and be your coach and cheerleader every step of the way. No experience necessary, newbies are especially welcome. All you have to do is trust me long enough to give it a go:)
  • THREE HOUR PHOTO SESSION & MULTIPLE LOOKS. A Rebel & Romance Boudoir Session typically lasts about three hours. This is plenty of time to create a beautiful hair and makeup look and photograph you in several different wardrobe options and backgrounds. On the other hand, it’s still short enough to not completely exhaust you. Unlimited wardrobe looks and backdrops are allowed within the three hours, although I typically recommend between 3 and 4 wardrobe looks for best results.
  • MAGAZINE QUALITY RETOUCHING. Professional, magazine-quality retouching on all your best images is included with every Boudoir Session. I don’t believe in drastically altering your appearance or body type, and I genuinely think that my clients are perfectly beautiful exactly as they are. That said, I’m in favour of making small changes to any bits of your body you aren’t fond of, and/or correcting any lumps and bumps that appear due to wardrobe or posing. I especially support cleaning up the things that can’t be otherwise helped but drive you crazy, whether this is cellulite, bruises, forehead wrinkles, or stretch marks. This is a collaborative process, so please don’t be shy about telling me your preferences in this area.
  • IMAGE VIEWING & PRODUCT ADVISING. 2 to 3 weeks after your Rebel & Romance Boudoir Session, we’ll meet up with again. After a quick catch up (maybe with a drink in hand?), we’ll sit down and review the final images from your shoot together. Every client experiences their viewing a bit differently, but it’s often a sort of overwhelmed shock that takes a few minutes to simmer into a lovely mix of pride, overwhelming satisfaction, and smug, I-am-HOTness. After the initial presentation, we’ll step through the images one by one and start picking favourites. Following that, we’ll determine which products and packages will suit you best based on the images we’ve created, your goals for the shoot, and on your lifestyle. I offer a range of beautiful photographic albums, archival wall art, high resolution digital image packages, and more. I also have great options for gift giving, whether you’re buying for a groom or bride, a significant other, or as a treat to yourself.
  • A FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER WHO GETS YOU. Time and again, I’ve been told that there’s something different about my work. I think it boils down to this: I am a woman, photographing other women, for women. It there is a (lucky) man in your life who will get to see these images that’s fantastic, but I don’t shoot in order to please men. If I’m honest, I don’t really care about the boys at all, I just want my clients to feel absolutely incredible and be over the moon about the way they look through my lens. That’s not to say we can’t take a cheeky bum shot for the Mr. of course;)
  • A PASSIONATE ARTIST & THE CHANCE TO SEE YOURSELF IN A NEW LIGHT.  I’m on the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hour plan. I’ve taken this lecture by Alan Watts to heart. I do this because I love it, and I love what it does for my clients. At the heart of what I offer is the chance to see yourself in a new light, to allow yourself to feel more beautiful, more confident, and stronger than you have in years. This opportunity is open to you no matter how you currently feel about yourself, and it is available to you regardless of age, body shape, or how much you feel like a child-minding zombie. You do not need to feel “more confident” to do this. You GET confidence from this experience, so please come just as you are. If you’re struggling to justify spending the time and money on yourself, I would humbly suggest that you consider it an investment in your future. If this experience helps you put down a few of those doubts and insecurities you carry around, if it helps you feel even a little more confident in yourself, how much is that worth? We all know that a woman who loves and accepts herself is unstoppable. She radiates an energy that draws others in. She laughs louder, smiles easier, walks taller. She is the one that sits at the table (via Sheryl Sandberg), has stronger relationships, and feels happier on a daily basis. Let’s be that lady, whatever it takes.


The Session Fee cover the experience only, it does not include any products or digital images.

Beautiful albums, wall art, and all other products are available for purchase separately at your viewing and ordering appointment. All products are available in an a la carte fashion.

My most popular purchased product is a beautiful, square format photo album which features high quality binding and printing techniques as well as custom designed layout. Albums come in a variety of options and sizes, with prices ranging from £800 – £1500 based on the overall size and number of images you prefer. I also offer digital images in packages or as part of a larger collection. Payment plans are available.

If you’d like additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’d be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have. For enquiries or bookings, please feel free to give me a ring or drop me an email. My name is Stormy, my number is 07799 390468, and you can reach me at: