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Scarlet: stills from her video shoot

Scarlet: stills from her video shoot

Today on the blog, a few of my favourite stills created during Scarlet’s boudoir video session.


Honestly, this face?!


We tried to have some fun with expressions on this shoot,


and Scarlet totally nailed it. This was only her 2nd photo shoot (ever), but you’d never know it.


Sarah did such a lovely job on Scarlet’s makeup. Individual lashes take ages but they do look incredible.


I love this bodysuit too – lots of black on black detail.




I just loved this shoot!

I’m still working on Scarlet’s video. We shot two videos actually, because – why not? Also, stills from our proper boudoir shoot are coming soon too. Stay tuned!




Boudoir video with Montana

Boudoir video with Montana

I have a special treat for you today…

A sneak peek at my newest project (drumroll)…boudoir video!

Shooting boudoir sessions on video is an idea I’ve been flirting with for ages, and I’m so excited to have finally made the first one. It’s definetly a learning curve and comes with software/hardware/equipment challenges, but both Montana and I were thrilled with the results of our first go. It looks way better in HD, so please feel free to watch this on my Vimeo instead (link at the bottom).

I wanted to wait and drop 15 videos on you all at once, Beyonce style. However, because I am not actually Beyonce and do not have anything near Beyonce’s production crew, I think it will take too long. I’ll share as I go instead.

My inspiration for boudoir on video comes from lingerie commercials, music videos, and fashion films. I love the traditional still boudoir photo shoot, but there’s a special kind of magic and authenticity that happens with motion. I just keep thinking – if you could star in a gorgeous video that left you feeling amazing and looking like you stepped off the Victoria’s Secret silver screen….how amazing would that be?

I’m going to find out.



Montana’s Boudoir Video from Rebel and Romance on Vimeo.


Bridal Boudoir: A teaser film of my collaboration with TeamGlam

Bridal Boudoir: A teaser film of my collaboration with TeamGlam

I joined forces with TeamGlam recently for a day of bridal and wedding boudoir. It was great fun playing wedding dress up and prancing around a few million pound flat like we owned the place;) Final images and a full film to come soon! For now, check out this teaser film, which is the exceptional work of Alex at Black Frog.