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Client testimonials: What Ms. A said

Client testimonials: What Ms. A said

It was my pleasure to work with Ms. A a few weeks back, and she’s very kindly provided a report on our time together. You can find her thoughts below:)

In this image, A is wearing the Agent Provocateur Lacy Bra (£85) and Suspender Belt (£75). We paired these with stockings, heels, and (if I’m remembering correctly) black knickers from another AP set with a slightly better fit. Mixing black on black is a great trick – you can almost never tell in a photograph, and in ensures you get a fit and cut you like.

If you’re new to Agent Provocateur, their lingerie is beautiful and well made. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something luxurious or unique. I find their sizing to be pretty consistent across different styles, but as they have their own 1-5 sizing scale it’s worth trying a few things on your first time (or ordering a size up and down). They have an excellent return policy so nothing to worry about. I also highly, highly recommend looking out for the legendary AP online sales, where you can get up to 70% off even their best pieces.

client testimonial

“I was incredibly pleased with my photoshoot with Stormy, and I loved the pictures that she took! 🙂 There were so many pictures that I liked that it was difficult to decide which to go in the app and in the album! The photos were beautifully shot, with a real variety of styles and background; some are more dramatic and sexy, whilst others are more playful and elegant.

Stormy was very professional throughout and did a really great job. I was really pleased with the location that Stormy chose for the shoot – the light in the space was great, and it allowed for different looks. Stormy also did a great job beforehand about advising on what looks might work best for me. On the day, Stormy was very friendly and it was a really fun experience! Debbie did a great job with my make-up too; I love my smokey eyes in the pictures!

I would really recommend working with Stormy. Not only do I love the pictures, but its nice to work with such a professional and friendly person. I hope to have another shoot in the future!”


Hayley – boudoir photography at the warehouse

Hayley – boudoir photography at the warehouse

A few new bits of work from one of my favourite London shoot locations, le warehouse:) This was Hayley’s 2nd lingerie photo shoot, so it was great to use a venue with a completely different look and feel. We didn’t have much time, so we cut the chit chat and got right down to business.

lingerie photography in london warehouse

A classic black lingerie set with matching heels to start things off. These lace robes are great for photo shoots – very versatile and getting easier to find every season.

profoto location kit

We started shooting by this plant and then stopped because it was looking weird and a little too “glamour.” But then, dunno…it’s kind of grown on me? Maybe they are still a bit too much though…

London boudoir photography_0164

For photographer friends out there, we used 1/2 of my Profoto B1 location kit for much of this shoot. It’s an ideal setup for location sessions because let’s be honest, who really has the patience to hunt for outlets and trip over wires all day?

boudoir chesterfield sofa

I mean…maybe you do, but I certainly don’t.

london headshot photographer

Natural light to show off a great bum and the prettiest head shot evvahhh. Hayley did her own hair and makeup for this shoot. You probably know that I normally use professionals (you know that liquid eyeliner can smell your fear), but if you’re comfortable doing your own face and know exactly what you want, it’s always an option.

blue leather chair and gritty wall

Bright colour palettes can be hard to do well (at least when indoors and living in cloudy London), but the combination here turned out fab.

navy silk lingerie photograph

Our final number is this blue lace basque-y piece paired with a navy silk robe, shot in natural light against a distressed brick wall.

best headshot photography uk

SUCH a stunner. Thanks babes, lovely working with you again!




Natasha – a PHOTOSHOP FREE, Aerie inspired lingerie shoot

Natasha – a PHOTOSHOP FREE, Aerie inspired lingerie shoot

You guys, I’ve written and re-written this post so many times. I have way too much to say about Photoshop for a single blog post, so here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to…

Today’s post features curve model Natasha. She is “unconventionally” beautiful.

My inspiration for this shoot came from the Aerie campaigns (they’ve stopped retouching models) and the StyleLikeU interview with Iskra (below). These images have had a bit of colour work, but no body modification, wardrobe modification, liquify, etc. They are essentially”photoshop free,” and therefore imperfect.

And so am I. And so are you. And this is totally fine.

I believe in Photoshop, and I make no apologies for it. It’s an incredibly useful tool that I use daily – a bit of kit that gets a bad rap and is often used irresponsibly, but unless you would like me to leave that monster pimple on your chin to be forever immortalised in the photographs you’re paying a bunch of money for, we’re probably not that far apart in our thinking.

But do we need to “photoshop” everything all the time? Are we now so offended by the “flaws” of a perfectly healthy, normal body that we can’t appreciate it for what it is? Seventeen Magazine has been telling us how to have perfect skin since we were 12, but I don’t recall them mentioning how the skin texture they taught us to idolize was made by a computer.

I just think…enough.

Let’s appreciate art for what it is, the smoke and the mirrors and the aspirational aspect of bringing a vision to life. But let’s also show some bodies of women who maybe look a bit like you do, not retouched to “perfection,” and let’s hold them up as also beautiful and worthy of praise.

End rant.

Iskra (face of Aerie) on being photoshopped and learning to love her body.
plus size freckled model

And finally, Natasha, my freckle faced, red-headed beauty:)

red hair don't care

N is wearing super simple black lingerie here for a casual, easy look. These little corner has the best light – I’ll have you know I moved about 27 rolls of Colorama to free up this space before the shoot.

body positive

Natural light, no photoshop, no fake hair, no fake nails, no fake lashes, no chicken fillets in the bra.

no photoshop needed

I’m quite partial to colour images with redheads, but monochrome is also nice.

no photoshop boudoir photography no retouching_0175

Our second look was my favourite – a cable knit jumper for the win.

no photoshop boudoir photography no retouching_0177

The props are so random but I still like it lol!

warehouse photographer


lingerie photo shoot

We threw in some long socks for fun.

boudoir photography

And golf clubs. Because…I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

freckles red hair

That backlight though.

ginger freckles lingerie


aerie photo shoot


body confidence

Our last outfit was a super pink number. To be honest, we really weren’t sure this would work with the space but we gave it a go anyway.

curvy model

It wouldn’t be my first choice, but N just looked so lovely that we couldn’t not use them.

no retouching lingerie photo shoot


london headshot photography

A few head shots because I am a little bit in love with N’s face.

headshot london


no photoshop boudoir photography no retouching_0190

N, you were fab. Thanks a bunch.




Chloe: a Spanish Bridal Boudoir theme in the warehouse

Chloe: a Spanish Bridal Boudoir theme in the warehouse

We played “Chloe gets married” at the warehouse the other day…

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0002

…don’t you think she’ll make the most stunning bride?

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0003

Perfect hair by Gemma, and fantastic-as-always makeup by Debbie. Bridal slip is Chloe’s own, and it worked perfectly.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0004

Many of my bridal clients love the idea of using their wedding veil in their photo shoot, but often times they either don’t have it yet or are concerned about getting it dirty. Enter the ebay veil. This beauty was 8 Pounds and arrived in three days. Possibly the best purchase I’ve made this year!

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0005

Lovely lovely Chloe.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0006

This is a boudoir shoot after all, so we stepped things up with a white bodysuit for our second look.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0008

It’s worth noting Chloe’s red nails, which can be a little distracting. Red is a great for making a statement with dark or strongly coloured lingerie, but I’d suggest a more neutral nail colour that will transition through all of your wardrobe choices, particularly if you are planning to include a traditional white or ivory “bridal” look in the mix. We threw this shoot together on very short notice, so there was no time for a jaunt to the nail salon.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0009

We did this set with no jewellery at all, but you could quite easily add some in if you wanted. A small necklace, diamond studs, or a gold bracelet to match Chloe’s metallic shoes would all work well.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0010

A slightly pulled back view of this new warehouse venue. It’s very similar to the old one, so it’s great to have each as an option.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0012

Simple, clean makeup seems to be the best pairing for a bridal boudoir set. I like a step up from natural, but not so much that it grabs your attention.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0013

The new warehouse does have this incredible wall panel, which I fell in love with straight away.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0015

You know I’m a sucker for the backlight.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0016

Look 3: white lingerie separates and nude stockings. It retrospect, I wish we would have done this look barefoot or with different shoes – maybe patent nude heels. It looked great in person, but I feel like the shoes seem a bit heavy in the final images.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0019

This mask on the left is from Tanith at the Masque Boutique. Her metal masks are incredible – if you need to look mysterious anytime soon I’d give her a shout.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0017Something about black and white images makes you sink into them – they always seem to feel older and more authentic. I’ve been playing around with these genuine polaroid textures and grain settings lately, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it:)

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0021

I mean…you can only be pretty and lacy for so long, right? Our last set was black on black, with a strong red lip, smokey eyes, and a lace wrap borowed from Gemma.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0022

And see? Now the nails are purrrfect.

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0023

Chloe’s come to steal your soul in this one:)

Bridal Boudoir Rebel & Romance London_0024 And that’s a wrap! Chloe you were a dream to work with, thanks again for a fantastic shoot.



Under the Big Top: Katrina’s Circus Themed Boudoir Shoot

Under the Big Top: Katrina’s Circus Themed Boudoir Shoot


I’m appalled that I’ve waited so long to share these images, but if you like theatrical outfits, the circus, and/or things that sparkle, I have something very special for you…

Say hello to Katrina (again): acrobat, snake charmer, lingerie creator, Aussie beauty, and an incredibly lovely person to work with. There’s nothing about this woman that I don’t like, and it’s a happy day when we get to shoot.

The learning curve certainly starts to level off after your first few years of photography. It’s at once a blessing and a curse. In a way, it’s encouraging that massive improvements are no longer an easy feat. It means you’ve mastered the basics, honed your style, developed your eye, etc.  On the other hand, it’s frustrating doing shoot after shoot after shoot, knowing that none of them are going to elevate your portfolio to the next level. Make no mistake, I’m still learning from every single shoot, but improvements for me now are small, probably imperceptible to the average person. My big steps forward are happening on the running-a-business end of things rather than in pursuit of those elusive “next level” images.

That said, I feel like each time I’ve photographed Katrina I’ve created my best work yet. Maybe it’s because we’re on the same wavelength, or maybe it’s just that it’s practically impossible to take a bad photograph of her, but either way I’ll take it. The creative in me drinks deep working with her.

I’m so pleased to share this set of images with you. I hope you love them as much as we do. I owe a huge thank you to Gemma for her fantastic makeup artistry, and the rest of the girls that day for creating a fun, easygoing atmosphere and being so willing to lend a hand. It’s always a team effort, and I seem to get really lucky in that department lately.

I’d just add that if you’re here by chance and are offended by sequinned nipple tassels, I’d navigate away now;)


 Katrina is going to take you to church. And when I say church, I mean a sexy, mysterious, back alley circus where the beautiful people play.


If you’re already hopelessly in love, you can purchase some of Katrina’s hand made pieces for yourself. She has an incredible collection of nipple tassels, bedazzled lingerie, and a few beautiful flowing skirts. To see it all, visit her Etsy shop or follow her on Instagram at @strippedbeautiful.

You cannot stop us. We’ll shoot whatever manner of lingerie ridiculousness we want. There are no rules here.


How do you know when there is too much gold? Trick question: there is never too much gold. Also, I’ll tell other photographers out there that you CAN put someone in front of a small softbox, shoot directly into an unbalanced modelling light, and still get great results. Shock-horror, I know. The photography community told us all we’d have to surrender our first born children if we did that, but it turns out it’s totally fine.



A simple set up – one light, one ladder, one wall, one model.


A second wardrobe look – this one is all pom poms and roses. If you’re feeling intimidated by Katrina’s muscles, you’re not alone. She’s in the midst of intense training and is incredibly fit, very bendy, and very strong right now. It’s totally fine if you do not look like this:)


 After dark at the warehouse. I love how blue the night sky goes.


 And two sultry black and whites to finish.

Katrina, thanks a million – our best work yet:)