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Curvy Boudoir Photography: Mollie

Curvy Boudoir Photography: Mollie

Curvy Boudoir Photography: Mollie

On the blog today – a few stills from Mollie’s curvy boudoir photography shoot (finally). Mollie and I connected via Instagram and managed to pull a shoot, wardrobe, and full team together in something like three days, which surely must be a record.

Our inspiration for this shoot started with an iconic image of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and grew into a mood board that felt like Sunday morning. We really wanted to keep things fresh and natural, and brilliant makeup artist Victoria created the perfect look to match our brief. Undone, tousled curls by yours truly.


Mollie is wearing the ASOS Billie Lace High Leg Body £20.00 in navy, which is available in various colours and sizes in the main line. There are also a few colour options and sizes 18-30 in the curve line.


It’s a lovely piece, and lots of clients have been bringing in lately. The high cut legs can be quite a challenging cut though, so if you’re a bit conscious of your hips I’d suggest a lower cut leg. Something like the Y.A.S Wing Lace Bodystocking £40.00 (XS -XL) or the Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Sugar Body £84.00 (XS-XL) would be a good alternative.


A few cute and playful shots on the bed.


Mollie is wearing one of Rosie for Autograph’s never fail lingerie sets, available at M&S. This bra is the Silk & Lace Padded Plunge Bra A-E in Alabaster, paired with matching knickers. The bra retails for £26 and the High Leg Silk and Lace Knickers for £12.50


Mollie is such a class act, you’d love her. You can’t not love her really. She’s the sort of person that sends handwritten thank you notes, which always impresses me so much.
curvy-boudoir-photography_0131This was the image we both had in our heads and the inspiration for the shoot. Wardrobe credits: feather duvet. Scandalous.


A final shot in the copper tub. Naked again lol!

Mollie, you were SO LOVELY. Until next time…




London boudoir photography: curvy Mollie on video

London boudoir photography: curvy Mollie on video

Mollie’s boudoir video

When I can steal the time away, I’m working on some ideas for demo boudoir photography video sessions. My latest project was shot with lovely lovely lovely Mollie, and I’m delighted to share it with you today. Brilliant Victoria Reynolds was our makeup artist for the shoot, and I knocked up some messy bed hair for M myself.

We filmed this video as part of a larger stills shoot a few weeks ago. If you’re following me on Instagram (@stormy_rebelandromance) you’ve already seen some of our favourite stills from the day. I’ll be posting the full set of stills here soon, and there’s a bit of behind the scenes footage I’m going to cut together too.

Mollie is wearing a black bodysuit by ASOS in this video. It’s a flattering cut and looks great in person, but in retrospect it reads a bit sheer on camera. It’s still gorgeous, just keep in mind that you might #freethenipple on film if you wear it for your own boudoir photography shoot;) I wish I would have noticed sooner, because we ended up having to cut a few shots to make it social media friendly – the nipple police are everywhere these days.

As a side note, I love ASOS for boudoir wardrobe options. They have a huge selection, and a good variety of sizes with plenty of affordable prices. Also, for UK based girls they do a £10/year offer that gets you free next day shipping and free returns on everything you purchase. SO convenient/dangerous.

I can’t find the exact piece Mollie wore, but here are a few similar options:

ASOS CURVE Billie Lace High Leg Body £20 sizes 18-30

Bluebella Etienne Body £38  sizes 8-18

Undiz Kiz Pineapple Body £20  sizes XS-XL

ASOS PETITE Brooke Mesh & Lace Trim Body £16.00 sizes 0-16

ASOS TALL Brooke Mesh & Lace Trim Body £16.00 £12.00 sizes XS, S, & M left

Anyway, this video means I finally have a curvy / plus size beauty represented in the video category, which is a step in the right direction. I’ll be adding more diversity to this category as we test new ideas, stay tuned.


Natasha – a PHOTOSHOP FREE, Aerie inspired lingerie shoot

Natasha – a PHOTOSHOP FREE, Aerie inspired lingerie shoot

You guys, I’ve written and re-written this post so many times. I have way too much to say about Photoshop for a single blog post, so here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to…

Today’s post features curve model Natasha. She is “unconventionally” beautiful.

My inspiration for this shoot came from the Aerie campaigns (they’ve stopped retouching models) and the StyleLikeU interview with Iskra (below). These images have had a bit of colour work, but no body modification, wardrobe modification, liquify, etc. They are essentially”photoshop free,” and therefore imperfect.

And so am I. And so are you. And this is totally fine.

I believe in Photoshop, and I make no apologies for it. It’s an incredibly useful tool that I use daily – a bit of kit that gets a bad rap and is often used irresponsibly, but unless you would like me to leave that monster pimple on your chin to be forever immortalised in the photographs you’re paying a bunch of money for, we’re probably not that far apart in our thinking.

But do we need to “photoshop” everything all the time? Are we now so offended by the “flaws” of a perfectly healthy, normal body that we can’t appreciate it for what it is? Seventeen Magazine has been telling us how to have perfect skin since we were 12, but I don’t recall them mentioning how the skin texture they taught us to idolize was made by a computer.

I just think…enough.

Let’s appreciate art for what it is, the smoke and the mirrors and the aspirational aspect of bringing a vision to life. But let’s also show some bodies of women who maybe look a bit like you do, not retouched to “perfection,” and let’s hold them up as also beautiful and worthy of praise.

End rant.

Iskra (face of Aerie) on being photoshopped and learning to love her body.
plus size freckled model

And finally, Natasha, my freckle faced, red-headed beauty:)

red hair don't care

N is wearing super simple black lingerie here for a casual, easy look. These little corner has the best light – I’ll have you know I moved about 27 rolls of Colorama to free up this space before the shoot.

body positive

Natural light, no photoshop, no fake hair, no fake nails, no fake lashes, no chicken fillets in the bra.

no photoshop needed

I’m quite partial to colour images with redheads, but monochrome is also nice.

no photoshop boudoir photography no retouching_0175

Our second look was my favourite – a cable knit jumper for the win.

no photoshop boudoir photography no retouching_0177

The props are so random but I still like it lol!

warehouse photographer


lingerie photo shoot

We threw in some long socks for fun.

boudoir photography

And golf clubs. Because…I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

freckles red hair

That backlight though.

ginger freckles lingerie


aerie photo shoot


body confidence

Our last outfit was a super pink number. To be honest, we really weren’t sure this would work with the space but we gave it a go anyway.

curvy model

It wouldn’t be my first choice, but N just looked so lovely that we couldn’t not use them.

no retouching lingerie photo shoot


london headshot photography

A few head shots because I am a little bit in love with N’s face.

headshot london


no photoshop boudoir photography no retouching_0190

N, you were fab. Thanks a bunch.




Curvy Miss N in Chicago

Curvy Miss N in Chicago

Miss. N traveled a few hours from her home city to meet me for a shoot in Chicago. We really lucked out finding the most incredible venue, a salvage yard/store that also hires space out for weddings and the odd photo shoot. It was a dream of a space, floor after floor of old furniture and odd sets and big windows. If I lived in Chicago, I’d shoot here allthetime, so well done to Miss N for turning up such a gem of a location.


We started simply, with a figure-hugging long black dress. Doesn’t N look fab? Such a gorgeous canvas, with beautiful makeup by Chicago-based makeup artist Debbie, hair by yours truly.


Warehouses throw around the most interesting light.


We found this distressed old mirror and I loved beat up it was – perfect for a mysterious portrait.


Miss N was after an editorial, fashion-inspired vibe, so we tried to create images with a feeling of story and interest over lots of bodyscapes and detail shots.


I love the way the lights are reflected behind her in these.


I’m still a little bit in love with this pose. I’ve been trying it on everyone, everywhere, and it’s nearly universally flattering. Revealing this type of image to clients is one of my favourite things too – everyone is blown away by how great they look:)


Legs for days.


Please universe, send more of this sunshine to London. The irony that my name is Stormy, yet I cannot control the weather, is not lost on me.

chicago_boudoir_photo_shoot_0093The sexy shadows. N is wearing a simple bodysuit with a plunging v neck and black stilettos. 

This art deco wall thing looked pretty weird in real life, but I saw potential. Miss N. was like, “up there? really?” but I persisted. Sometimes you just knoooow.




If you’re a fan of this outfit, you can pick up something similar for cheap, and it can be worn again later – pair it with jeans and a good jacket and you’ve got a ready to go date night outfit.

If standard sizes suit you, you’ll be spoilt for choice at ASOS. For bigger busted and/or curvy clients, options are (as is typical) a little more limited and ugly. If you need or want support, Figleaves has a few decent choices. If you’re not worried about built in support or overall longevity, Boohoo has a great selection of plus size bodysuit options with lots of cuts and fabrics.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 13.20.48

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 13.21.22Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 13.22.07


Miss N loved the feel of a shoot I did with Jada in NYC, so she brought along this cozy cotton, long sleeve T and plain, high waisted knickers to replicate the look.


I love how effortless cotton feels. It’s a great option if you’re feeling a little nervous about showing lots of skin, or if you would like a non-obvious way to cover a midsection. 


And then we found this magical angled mirror, which I am a little bit in love with. What’s better than one gorgeous woman owning her curves? Why 3 of course!


Miss N is wearing high waisted knickers here, and I think it give the images a little bit of that showgirl-gets-ready-backstage feel. We put her hair up in a super mess bun too.


We finished the day with another bodysuit, this one much more strappy and daring. People were getting married here the next day too….bwah ha ha ha;)


Miss N, thank you for a showstopper of a shoot, you brought the house down. Until next time!




Jade’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

Jade’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

A few highlights from my recent shoot with Jade…


This face!

I know it’s not the most obvious choice, but I’m a big fan of shape wear pieces in lieu of lingerie. It does such a great job of showing off your shape while also providing lots of coverage and support. Jade is wearing simple black knickers (shape wear, high waisted) and a long sleeve cottony-lycra black top. I think the understated effect is really nice because it’s a blank canvas for her killer shape and gorgeous face.

That said, there are lots of shape wear options with more going on too – everything from jewel tone colours to silky fabrics and daring cuts. Another thing to keep in mind – if you struggle to find things in your bra size, shape wear usually has really inclusive sizing:) Big boobs welcome basically;)


For our next option, a strappy little number paired with a silk robe. This is a little more “bedroom” but still isn’t actually showing much skin. @sadafmakeupuk did such a beautiful job on Jade’s eyes here too.


This was (very) loosely inspired by France, if only because we shot it by the french doors and added pearls.


Jade loved these temple doors, and she wanted to try them as a backdrop for an edgy look. I love edgy, but it always makes me a little nervous –  this sort of look can veer off into trashy in a heartbeat. However, I think we nailed it here. Love love these, and I’m actually contemplating faux leather trousers for myself now….maybe after some more squats lol!


Just a few more favourites from the day,

RebelandRomance_J-17and we’ll finish with some black and whites because THOSE CURVES.

Jade, thank you doll, it was lovely working with you! Next time…kittens and cuteness:)



Curvy Olivia in the buff

Curvy Olivia in the buff

Today, another post that was eaten by my web server move. Olivia is so inspiring, so I’m reposting for anyone who missed it or would like a second look:)

Here’s gorgeous Olivia (@curvycampbell) being so very brave in her first nude shoot. This was actually the prequel look to Olivia’s pin up set, although it’s got a totally different feel. It’s great to be able to create such variety in a single shoot, and I love how soft and romantic these turned out.

Rebel & Romance London Plus Size Boudoir Photography_0009

 Sheer curtains are my best friend. This image on the right kills me still.

Rebel & Romance London Plus Size Boudoir Photography_0011

I love these images because of what they represent. If you’ve ever felt not good enough, not beautiful enough, if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and felt disgusted at what you saw staring back at you, these images are for you.

Rebel & Romance London Plus Size Boudoir Photography_0012

Olivia does not have a perfect body. She is not thin, she is not rich, she does not have a Pinterest-worthy life all the time. She is a single mother, she is mixed race, she battles with her mind and not feeling good enough, and she has been told no a million times. I think she’s absolutely brilliant, but the point is that she is you in so many ways. So this is the lesson: there is no reason that Olivia can learn to love her body, but you cannot.

Attempt the work. Decide to change your mind. Refuse to hate on yourself.

Do it every single day.

Rebel & Romance London Plus Size Boudoir Photography_0013

Pretty pink blooms and vintage pearls for the win.

Rebel & Romance London Plus Size Boudoir Photography_0014

We tried a sort of cheeky, Ellen Von Unwerth vibe with these, but I think it still needs a little refining.

Rebel & Romance London Plus Size Boudoir Photography_0015

Maybe a bit too provocative? I don’t know lol! Everyone else seemed to like them so I’ve left them in, but I plead the 5th if you’re offended!

Rebel & Romance London Plus Size Boudoir Photography_0018

Shooting these was a huge mistake, because I’ve been wanting to go to Morocco ever since.

Rebel & Romance London Plus Size Boudoir Photography_0019

One day soon. With a riad and a camel, obviously. Let me know if you’d like to come?



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