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Portfolio top ups with Nicole

Portfolio top ups with Nicole

Gorgeous Nicole on the blog today. She was looking for a quick portfolio update, so we did a bit of everything this shoot – boudoir/lingerie, fitness, casual fashion, etc. Hairstyling my me, DIY makeup, all shot at the new studio.

Love this pink bodysuit – the perfect option for a feminine, girly look.


I mean, you’re meant to use about four lights and a proper backdrop for fitness photography, but we got some pretty solid results with net curtains and a window. Less if more? It’s certainly faster. I would like to do a bit more with the complicated setups though, so if you’re reading this and in training for a fitness competition or in great shape otherwise, I’d be keen to practice with you:)

That winning commercial smile 🙂 🙂 🙂

One last one to round it out. Thanks Nicole, so lovely to work with you! xx Stormy

Brand images and fitness photography with Bianca

Brand images and fitness photography with Bianca

Meet Bianca. She’s one dynamic woman. In fact, she’s currently on a massive global journey competing and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Bikini Fitness Bodybuilding. Because she can. She’ll be blogging about the journey so click the link attached to her name if you’d like to see what she’s up to.

Bianca needed a few images to help her say to women and girls, “You can choose what you think and say about your own body.” We also wanted to create images that show being strong doesn’t take away from being feminine or beautiful, and that it’s possible to feel comfortable in your own skin. If I’m honest, Bianca and I hit it off straight away and what was meant to be a quick hour-long shoot turned into a whole afternoon. I’m so proud to be contributing (in my own small way) to be helping her spread this message.

These images were destined for Bianca’s new website and also as part of her work with the This Girl Can Campaign. I was so excited when she mentioned this, because I fell in love with This Girl Can’s latest commercial the first time I saw it.

Now, onto the images…
fitness photography london_0001

Simple, clean images showing off a strong and beautiful body.

fitness photography london_0003

I think this one is my favourite.

fitness photography london_0005

I also did some simple graphic design work which I’ll maybe share later, we added some personal motivational messages to these images and they turned out really nice.

fitness photography london_0008

It was lucky we arranged this shoot when we did, because about a week after this images was created Bianca took a hit to the face and earned herself a massive black eye. It looked brutal, but she’s okay now:)

fitness photography london_0009

Love this laughing one so much.

fitness photography london_0010

Bianca was ever so kind to let me play around with some other ideas too. I’ve been wanting to try out a little fitness photography, and this was the perfect opportunity.

fitness photography london_0011

I’m a committed fan of natural light, so (no surprise) I found working in this tightly controlled setup a little tricky.

fitness photography london_0012

Given that it was my first try, and that I didn’t have the right equipment for this sort of shoot in the first place, I’m pretty happy with how these turned out though.

fitness photography london_0013

It’s definetly something I’d like to work on more. There’s a lot to learn in any new genre – apparently in this one, seeing veins and tension in the muscles is quite important. We nailed the viens early on but then couldn’t figure out how to get back to it haha! I definetly need a third light and a few new modifiers to improve from here.

fitness photography london_0014

But still, technical stuff aside….looooook at those abs!

If you’re a fan of this outfit (a blatant rip off of MICHI) you can find it at New Look.