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The perfect wedding gift: bridal boudoir

The perfect wedding gift: bridal boudoir

Wedding season is upon us, and it’s been lovely working with so many of this year’s brides. If you’re engaged, let me personally invite you to consider a bridal boudoir session.

Obviously, bridal boudoir photography makes an incredible, daring, thoughtful groom’s gift. A gorgeous album full of images like these is sure to be a present your significant other never forgets (and it’s so much better than personalised cufflinks), but it’s a great idea for you too. Wedding planning is no joke after all. What starts out as a magical, fun project full of romance and fairytales can often devolve into a stressful, full-time job. It’s important to take time out so the pressure doesn’t get to you. Even if you’ve hired the most brilliant planner and everything is going swimmingly, it’s still a major life event that comes with stress and uncertainty. You deserve a break! Odds are you’ve been hitting the gym hard too, so there’s never a better time to document what your dedication to the treadmill has earned you;)

Here are a few of my favourite images of Miriam, from my recent shoot with Essex based hair and makeup agency TeamGlam.

Rebel & Romance London Bridal Boudoir Photography groom gift_0003

For bridal boudoir, either white or cream lingerie works best. Pair your wedding shoes, nude heels, or play up the “something blue” inspired by Carrie Bradshaw.

Rebel & Romance London Bridal Boudoir Photography groom gift_0004

It’s also a great time to experiment with styling, because you can be a little braver than you might want to be on your actual wedding day. Something like this boho lace hairpiece is the perfect example – looks fab here, but might not be quite right for walking down the aisle.

Rebel & Romance London Bridal Boudoir Photography groom gift_0005

I like white stocking for bridal lingerie looks. If you’re not a fan, a nude set also works well, or you can go without. Avoid black though, it looks weird.

Rebel & Romance London Bridal Boudoir Photography groom gift_0007

Loooove this look.

Rebel & Romance London Bridal Boudoir Photography groom gift_0006

Le veil! You all know I have a special place in my heart for a good ebay veil. This gorgeous number was lent to us by one of the TeamGlam girls, and it’s from her own wedding many years ago.

Rebel & Romance London Bridal Boudoir Photography groom gift_0009

When it comes to boudoir photography, veils fall in line with heels: the bigger the better.

Rebel & Romance London Bridal Boudoir Photography groom gift_0008

Here’s a great example – these images were captured about five minutes apart using the same wardrobe, same lovely bride, same location, and very similar lighting. If you’re feeling fun and flirty, we’ll do that. If you’d rather appear more demure and romantic, no problem:)

Rebel & Romance London Bridal Boudoir Photography groom gift_0010

I retouched out one of the veil’s crystals in this one, because it looked like Miriam had a really big nose piercing lol!

Rebel & Romance London Bridal Boudoir Photography groom gift_0011

A pulled back shot of the scene. Lovely lovely. Stay tuned for more from this shoot:)



Boudoir Inspiration: taking a cue from fragrance commercials

Boudoir Inspiration: taking a cue from fragrance commercials

Are you in need of some inspiration for your next London boudoir photo shoot?
Some of my best ideas have been sparked by the major fashion houses, in particular their fragrance commercials. They are often glamorous, beautiful, and a little mysterious, which is the perfect mix for a boudoir session.
There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from the brands who have the resources to do things exactly how they ought to be done. Y’know, how you’d do it if the sky was the limit and Chanel wrote you a blank check. Here are a few of my favourites, enjoy!

We’ll be at The Wedding Fair in London this month

We’ll be at The Wedding Fair in London this month

Dear soon-to-be brides, bridesmaids, grooms, the recently engaged, and all other manner of people connected to weddings in the next year or so,

I’d be delighted to see you at my booth at The Wedding Fair at ExCel London the 20th and 21st of this month. If you weren’t planning on going but would like to, please get in touch – I have a handful of free tickets:) Just email me via the contact button above and I’ll pop them in the post for you.


We’ll have lots of product samples, great gift ideas for grooms/bridesmaids/maids of honour, and all the information you’ll need to decide if Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography is your sort of thing. I’d love to answer any questions you might have and/or talk your ear off about how this all works. A few previous clients and my makeup artists are coming along too, so you can chat with them and get the inside scoop.


We’re doing a MASSIVE PRIZE DRAW, and one of you is going to win the boudoir lottery…to the tune of £2500 worth of Rebel & Romance experience and products. There are some very good runner up prizes too.

Seriously, bride or not you should come hang out with us and put your name in the hat. The fair has a massive champagne bar and a fashion show, plus odds are someone will be handing out cupcake samples. I’m told we’re next to a very popular cake maker, so I’ve got high hopes;)



Midnight Circus at Jackson’s Lane

Midnight Circus at Jackson’s Lane

So….I went to the Midnight Circus at Jackson’s Lane last Friday night, and now I want to run away to the circus and become one of these crazy bendy people.

They were amaaaaaazing!

It’s a fantastically intimate, sexy show full of incredible feats of strength, great arrangements, and plenty of sparkly costuming. It was such a treat to see Katrina doing her thing (you might remember here from this circus inspired boudoir shoot), and it was lovely to catch up with her again and also meet some of the other performers after the show. Everyone I spoke to was so welcoming and kind, and they train incredibly hard to stay in top form . They would love your support and certainly deserve it:)

If you haven’t seen this show yet, you should get on it ASAP. Tickets for the final week are available here:


Below, a few photos I snapped while watching. I’m so gutted I didn’t bring a proper camera!!


Midnight Circus!


My friend Lucy  and I have already agreed we’re taking some sort of circus class together next year. It has to be next year, because there are a lot of sit ups and yoga to be done between now and then:/


Y’know, just hanging upside down on some ropes and hula hooping. At work.


The first act with Katrina and Matt was my favourite. They made everything look so effortless and graceful.


Moody rings:)


Apparently, this thing is called “the bowl.”


It looks brutal. Beautiful, but brutal.


Mother Katrina leading her fire wielding maidservants around the stage.


The show finishes in a funny fire breathing chicken dance sort of thing, complete with angle grinders that shoot sprays of sparks.

As you do.




Boudoir Photo Shoot Inspiration: Spring Ballet

Boudoir Photo Shoot Inspiration: Spring Ballet

Boudoir Photo Shoot Inspiration: Spring Ballet


I’m over winter already. This could prove to be problematic since I’ve been told that winter is, in fact, still on it’s way. Are these people serious? If so, we really need to get someone on that. Winter ought to begin at the end of November, give us lots pretty snow on Christmas, and then finish it’s business by the new year. While we’re fixing things, let’s throw in some more sun too.

Anyway…I tell you that to tell you this: I stumbled across a beautiful editorial today. I’m researching ideas for a new project I’m about to start work on, and this little gem popped up on my screen. Titled “Called to the Barre,” there’s something intrinsically hopeful about a spring colour palette, and this one has a certain lightness that reminds you spring will come, eventually, even if winter (apparently) hasn’t even started yet.

A brief that references ballerinas and lots of tulle could so easily become trite and naive, but it’s been brilliantly interpreted here. Published in the December 2013 issue of “How To Spend It,” this set of images was styled by Damian Foxe and photographed by Andrew Yee. Hairstyles created by Shlomi Mor and makeup by Robert Greene bring out the very best in the models cast; Alexa Yudina, Ana Buljevic, Anastasia Ivanova, Anne-Sofie List, Ilva Hetmann, Maria Borges, Regina Krilow, Stephanie Hall, Vasilisa Pavolva, and Veranika Antsipava.

I’ve included all the wardrobe information for each look, because I always think it’s interesting to see which elements have been pulled from designers and which are just everyday items. Each time I read that an item is the “stylist’s own” or “vintage” I am reminded of the time when my most fashionable childhood friend patiently explained to a thirteen year old me that, “Magazines only put that if it’s actually really cheap or they don’t know where it came from. It looks better.”

She was the first one of us to wear pointy toed shoes and know how to correctly pronounce Yves Saint Laurent, so I’ve never doubted her on this.

I think it’s the layering of textures that really makes these images sing. That corset is amazing too. I love how it’s not even done up but still manages to look great. I might steal that idea actually.

Left: Wolford cotton-mix body, £99. Louis Vuitton hammered-silk and lace dress, £2, 410. Bloch nylon tulle and spandex tutu, £44.95. Vintage corset, stylist’s own. Right: Jenny Packham beaded stretch crepe blouse, £1, 680. Oscar de la Renta silk organza gown with feather and crystal embroidery, £7,175. Repetto cotton ballet shoes, £19.

This image on the left is a perfect example of how you can create a sexy, evocative feel without revealing too much. One key lingerie piece (the pink bustier) gets the point across regardless of how much else you choose to show or not show.

Left: Humanoid wool jumper, £159, from Couverture. Nina Ricci silk radzimir and organza bustier, £2,913. Vivienne Westwood wool-mix leggings, £415. Repetto cotton canvas and leather ballet shoes, £24. Right: Emilio Pucci wool and silk dress, £1,389. Repetto Supplex dancer’s leggings, £39.

Killer gams? Let’s show them off with a flowy dress and a wind machine. The fancy plie is optional. Also, I’ve been on a lot of photo shoots. I can pretty much bet that “stylist’s own” headband on the right is a bit of extra material they found somewhere on set or at the bottom of a fabric bag. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s perfect. That’s just how the creative process works sometimes – you have to leave room for inspiration and spontaneity or everything gets boring.

Left: Wolford ribbed  cotton and nylon tights (worn over arms), £30. Nina Ricci silk dress, £2,240. Repetto cotton canvas and leather ballet shoes, £19. Right: Ralph & Russo Haute Couture French Chantilly lace gown with rose gold embellishment, price on request. Repetto tulle tutu, £90, and cotton canvas and leather ballet shoes (just seen), £24. Headband, stylist’s own.

Not a single expensive shoe in this editorial. That must be a first.

Left: Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane silk tulle dress, £1,440. American Apparel cotton spandex bodysuit, £23. Bloch leather ballet shoes, £11.95. Hair bands, stylist’s own. Right: Lanvin shorn-velvet dress, £2,245. Wolford nylon-mix body, £125. Bloch leather ballet shoes, £11.95.

I love everything about this image. So pretty and soft, but still mysterious and effortlessly cool. I’d highly recommend this model’s manicure if you’re dreaming of a boudoir shoot with a similar feel – it’s neutral and pretty, but goes with everything.

Also, this Lanvin tulle is killing me. I really need to learn to sew – surely it can’t be that hard to create a piece like this for shoots, right? The edges aren’t even finished. If any of you have mad sewing skills and fancy a project, please let me know:) Pictures of your fantastic creation on the house!

Vivienne Westwood Couture silk bolero, price on request. Lanvin tulle dress with grosgrain ribbon, £3,885. Bloch leather ballet shoes, £11.95. Skull cap, stylist’s own.




P.S. There are lots of exciting things happening with Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography in 2014. I don’t want to jinx anything, but stay tuned. If you want a sneak peek, follow my on Instagram. I’m @stormy_rebelandromance

Boudoir Photographer: Inspirational Boudoir Photographs by Raphael Mazzucco

Boudoir Photographer: Inspirational Boudoir Photographs by Raphael Mazzucco

Boudoir Photographer: Inspirational Boudoir Photographs by Raphael Mazzucco

Sometimes I think I’m getting pretty good at this photography thing.

Inevitably, that feeling is followed by discovering another boudoir photographer or photographer in a similar genre who is ridiculously good and puts me right back in my place. I used to find looking at the work of these people, the ones at the absolute pinnacle of their industries, soul destroying. It was so deflating to me, primarily because it their abilities seemed light years away from mine (Let’s be honest, they were. I had no idea what I was doing).

As I’m getting better and growing as a boudoir photographer, that feeling has mostly disappeared. Instead, I just feel inspired by these artists. In awe. This world is beautiful. Just look at all these beautiful people making such beautiful things. What must they be like..to breathe life into these ideas?

Recently, I realised a whole bunch of the images burnt into my retinas were created by one man. I wanted to share them with you here, because they are so good and a great source of inspiration and ideas for your own boudoir photo shoot. I’ve already lost several hours looking through Raphael Mazzucco’s portfolio, so in the interest of focus and me not working until midnight tonight, I’ll stick to a single client he’s created work for – Intimissimi.

From the Gardens of Sicily campaign. I love this image, and one day I’ll find an orange grove or an excuse to visit Italy to do my own take on this idea.

A classic faded grandeur feel. I love natural light (or artificial light that looks convincingly natural) as a boudoir photographer, and I tend to be drawn to that look and feel in other artist’s work as well.

Perfect motion. Beautiful location. Great hair.

And then there are these. These images were created for a book called “The Perfect Bra” which Intimissimi developed and launched last year. I stumbled across it at the Intimissimi shop on Oxford Street and fell in love. It’s such a beautiful collection of images, and I’ve been trying to buy said book to have as a reference ever since. Apparently, this was not a book meant for general purchase, because I’ve checked everywhere and no one sells it or seems to know anything about it. As a last resort, I’ve attempted contacting Intimissimi directly. If that fails, I may or may not consider trying to barter with the shop girls. Something like, how much Starbucks do I need to buy you to make you want to gift me that book in the corner?



Are you looking for a boudoir photographer?

I’d be honoured to be considered as your boudoir photographer. My name is Stormy, I’m a specialist boudoir photographer based in London, UK and available for travel worldwide. You can reach me at stormy@rebelandromance.com or feel free to have a browse through my boudoir photographer website and portfolio for all the details on how a session with me works.


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