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BTS: Shoreditch London luxury hotel shoot

BTS: Shoreditch London luxury hotel shoot

I’ve started bringing a little video camera along to shoots. This is my method: shove it at people on set and tell them to film. It’s not the most professional arrangement, but so far everyone has managed to get something useable, and it’s fun. I know a boudoir shoot can be intimidating and a little scary, but hopefully a peek behind the scenes will help you realise that 1) we’re not that cool and 2) you can totally do this.

Here’s one from Lainara’s London boudoir shoot last month at the Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch, with Sadaf on makeup, Natalia on hair, and yours truly behind the lens.

Lingerie shoot with Lainara – BTS from Rebel and Romance on Vimeo.

BTS: diy flower crowns and so. many. shoots.

BTS: diy flower crowns and so. many. shoots.

The last few weeks =

so. many. shoots.

soooo many, plus another one tomorrow.

It’s been hectic, but really good too. We’ve had some great women to work with, a few fun ideas for new sets and props, and plenty of good laughs. Unfortunately, lots of shooting means lots of editing. You can currently find me buried under a mountain of retouching work, so please don’t invite me out anywhere fun. I cannot go, I am in retouching exile until further notice. Send snacks.

 Anyway, I thought I’d share some behind the scenes snapshots from the last two weeks. These are straight from the camera so please don’t judge.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0016

Springtime flowers for the win. Clearance roses are my new favourite photo prop.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0017

I made this flower crown in about 15 min out of a wire coat hanger and some fishing line. It was brilliant, everyone wanted to wear it, and it photographed like a DREAM. Here’s a few shots of Gemma and I “working” with Chrissy.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0025

We also DIYed a wedding dress out of some fabric and ribbon. It’s obviously no good for full length, but with a little extra pinning it worked great for bridal hair and makeup shots. We shot some great bridal themed lingerie with Chrissy too, can’t wait to show you those.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0018

This idea needs a lot more work, but doesn’t Chrissy’s makeup look stunning?

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0019

A super hot sneak peek for Sarah;) Her shoot is turning out great, and I think she’ll probably be okay with sharing some of it publicly, so you might even get a look if you stay tuned!

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0020

This is lovely Anna, who came to shoot portraiture with me for a few days. Anna and I met on set at the TeamGlam photo shoot a few weeks ago. When we realised how much we had a lot in common and that we shared a lot of the same goals for our portfolios, we set up a few days of shared shooting. It’s always more fun to learn with a friend.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0021

Curvy girls in the house! Gorgeous Katie, Jazmine, and Amy bravely came down to be our guinea pigs.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0022

I have also fallen in love with using the hair dryer for creating faux breeze. It’s amazing, I can’t believe I haven’t been using it this whole time.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0023

Makeup artist Hayley manning the wind machine for Eleanor’s set.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0024

Another flower crown, and a comfy & cozy set from Katie’s shoot.

I’m also hoping to be able to release two new lingerie shoots soon – both are slated for publication in magazines so I have to keep them quiet for the time being. I’m told the images will be published “soon.” Your guess is as good as mine on what that sort of timeframe actually means lol! It’s always an honour to see work in print though, so Debbie, Sadaf, Olivia, Katie and I are happily practicing the virtue of patience.

One last thing, we have a really cool location arranged for tomorrow’s shoot. Follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes sneaks: @stormy_rebelandromance



Bridal Boudoir: A teaser film of my collaboration with TeamGlam

Bridal Boudoir: A teaser film of my collaboration with TeamGlam

I joined forces with TeamGlam recently for a day of bridal and wedding boudoir. It was great fun playing wedding dress up and prancing around a few million pound flat like we owned the place;) Final images and a full film to come soon! For now, check out this teaser film, which is the exceptional work of Alex at Black Frog.


Updates: All these beautiful women and fun things coming up

Updates: All these beautiful women and fun things coming up

December always goes by so fast. I mean, it’s the 18th already and I’ve only watched “Elf” once. Disgraceful.

That said, I really can’t complain. Lovely lovely clients lately, some really fun shoots, and a few exciting projects to kick off 2015 with.

Over the holidays we’re hoping to finish more work on the studio, mainly the floor in the second bedroom and some more work in the entryway, which is now the perfect shade of grey. If you’re interested in seeing things as they progress, feel free to follow me on Instagram: @stormy_rebelandromance

I’m pleased to say both of these gorgeous women will be gracing the blog soon, so keep an eye out for them.

Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography Valentine's Day_0002Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography Valentine's Day_0037

Olivia (@curvycampbell) and I have been scheming again;) We’ll be shooting with some fantastic lingerie in January, but that’s all I’m allowed to say for now. We’re also going to be releasing some never before seen images from our last pin up editorial. This shoot was such a massive hit online, I can’t wait for you to see the rest of it.

Rebel & Romance London Plus Size Boudoir Photography_0002What else? I’m doing a few great Valentine’s Day themed shoots for anyone who needs a killer gift for their partner this year. Think sexy and seductive, moody lighting, dark red lips. Maybe roses, but nothing cheesy. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested:) We need to get you in early though okay? If you call me on Feb. 12th saying you want a shoot with 6 outfits and a gorgeous custom designed album and you need it at your hotel by dinnertime on the 14th, I’m just going to hang up on you. Quality takes time.

I’m going to go virtual shopping for you too, so expect to see my picks for Valentine’s Day lingerie on the blog in January.

Basically, no rest for the wicked;)



Behind the Scenes: The studio kitchen is DONE

Behind the Scenes: The studio kitchen is DONE

Let’s have a moment of silence to commemorate the death of this hideous little space.

Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography Studio_0004

Before and After. What an amazing transformation right?!

Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography Studio_0001

All credit goes to the boys on this one; they did such a great job. My father in law, brother in law, and husband managed to turn this gross little cavern of 70’s orange and green into a sleek, modern room anyone would be happy to cook in.

Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography Studio_0002

I looove it.

Rebel & Romance London Boudoir Photography Studio_0003

Dinner at mine!

We’re making good progress on the rest of the space, more coming soon:)



The American West: Behind the Scenes

The American West: Behind the Scenes

I’m four days back in London, and I’ve got some great stuff cooking from the trip. In the meantime, here’s some behind the scenes sneaks and some general randomness from the trip.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0004

Our Idaho boudoir set. I’m so happy we’ve finally made this idea come to life. I honestly forgot how incredible the late afternoon sun can be when it isn’t hidden by miserable clouds.  It made for easy easy easy shooting.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0013

Things are not always as they seem. After some last minute schedule changes, we ended up shooting in my client’s backyard and her neighbour’s pasture. That’s me perched atop a fence. Idaho style.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0012

I hired my little sister as my assistant since I was so close to home. She schlepped all my bags, and then I gave her my camera set to auto and gave her about thirty seconds of guidance. She still managed to get some really great stuff! Love this shot she got of me photographing Miss. S and black beauty.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0008

My sister Autumn. You can call her “Horse Whisperer” for short.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0014

RZRs, our transportation to shoot location number two in Swan Valley. I really dislike these things (imagine a 4 wheeler on steroids and you’re on the right track), but there’s no other way to the top of the mountain.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0006

A few behind the scenes prep shots with makeup artist and hairstylist Tia (who is amazing) and Miss S.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0015

Tia and Thena at the crack of dawn, on top of the world, freezing. Neither of them were in the mood to be photographed.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0009

Bwah…look at my sister’s face! She soooo loving her new job right now.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0001

I was lucky to spend a few days with my family before heading home. We made a day trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you’re not familiar with it, this is the place you go to get your cowboy on. Or, to buy a giant bronze otter. Or, the tackiest, most blingtastic belt you’ve ever seen.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0005

Or, maybe you just need a very large bear chair in your life?

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0002

Also, food is different in this part of America. For one, the fish counter workers are more creative (props to you, lemon crab/octopus maker), and people apparently eat a lot more corn dogs than I ever realised, since they now get their own section in WinCo. Did you know you can actually buy a corn dog that is made of a sausage wrapped in a pancake with maple syrup already applied? I mean…I don’t even know what to say about that except the obvious, “MURICA!”

And, I ate some really dirty gas station food. It was terrible. I remember it being waaaay better.

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0003

Then there were the flights. The very long, no good, why is there only ONE customer service centre in the entire airport open, most-of-the-way-around-the-world-flights. I would like to thank everyone in middle America who looked at me like I was an alien for doing a teensy bit of yoga on the airport floor. I would also like to commend United for failing to get me to anywhere on time, “upgrading me” to a middle seat on my redeye home to London, and making me wait in the longest customer service line known to man. Honestly – just as I got to the front of this 55 minute line, United was kind enough to send me a text to say that my delayed flight had just been delayed a further three hours because of “no aircraft.”

I thought maybe I was on that “Boiling Point” show and that I was going to win a car or something if I didn’t lose my sh*% at the customer service lady, or maybe I’d stumbled into a non-celebrity version of “Punked.” Buuuut no. No car, no Ashton Kutcher popping up from behind the counter. Just a seat far worse than the one I booked originally.

United:1  Me:0

Rebel & Romance Idaho Utah Boudoir Photography_0010

Oh well, at least Denver was pretty:)

Loads more coming soon, stay tuned.