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A little press feature today from PHILOSOPHIE Magazine, a magazine created by and for boudoir photographers. It’s great to be able to finally share a few of these images of Kate:)

I would like to mention that the text surrounding these images is not mine. Every photographer has their own style and methods, which is fantastic and how it ought to be, and Teri has offered some great ideas in this article. However, I unequivocally promise that I am not going to ask you to think about a steamy sex scene during a shoot with me. It’s an idea that makes me feel uncomfortable…for both of us:/ I’m not judging, it’s just not my style. I also promise I will never ask you to think about your significant other naked, a celebrity crush, etc. A bit like yelling “Work it baby!” I can only manage to get these words out of my mouth in a sarcastic, mocking tone at best;)

Again, this is not meant to be a judgement or criticism, it’s just that what I aim to do is a little different than most boudoir photographers. For me, boudoir is a lot less about overtly sexy looks and a lot more about confidence, attitude, bravery, and women feeling incredibly beautiful and comfortable – it’s a chance to see yourself in a new light. I personally find that asking a client (out loud) to have “sexy thoughts” makes her feel really exposed and incredibly uncomfortable, or at least that’s how I think I would feel if someone did this to me, lol!

We get gorgeous expressions in a roundabout way instead, with lots of chatting, posing, laughing, killer hair and makeup, and great wardrobe.

Anyway, tear sheets below and lots more to come from this shoot! Enjoy:)