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A rare treat today – a few anonymous images from a recent couple’s boudoir shoot. This pair has an edgy, alternative vibe and were great fun to work with. To maintain their privacy, we’re keeping everything cloak and dagger, but you can still get a feel for how things turned out;)

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0004

Love a good black and white details shot.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0001

I know this is just one person, but how gorgeous does Mrs. look here? Those shoes too…

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0002

Bums and hands:)

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0003

Seeeriously. Legs for days.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0005

We did an “Eyes Wide Shut” inspired set with some of the Venetian masks I have available for clients. Obviously you can’t see them here, but they turned out great and it’s a theme I’d happily shoot again.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0006

Anyone else feeling like it’s time to hit the gym? Such good figures on these two.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0007

A slightly different frame here. It think black and white feels more classic.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0008

Good light never fails.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0009

Jeffrey Campbell spiked boots and lots of edgy accessories made for a completely different feel to the second half of the shoot. Part of the fun of a photo shoot is that you can put your own personality and style into it, whether you’re the corporate power suit type, the rock ‘n roll headbanger type, or something in between.

Couples Boudoir Photography London_0010

Mr. and Mrs., it was lovely working with both of you!